Ah, Worthiness...

Worthiness Brene Brown.jpg

I was on the phone being coached by an amazing friend of mine, Laura Haug, and we were discussing the concept of worthiness. Being worthy is one of the buzzwords right now in self-help, coaching, and mental/emotional healing. Feeling worthy is something I’ve been seeking for a long time. It’s also something that many of my clients express a desire for as well: Worthy of love, of money, of speaking up for what they want, of being successful in their field, etc. There’s nothing wrong with many people seeking it out, yet I discovered something interesting on this phone call.  

What I realized while talking with Laura is that I have no idea what ‘being worthy’ looks like, feels like, or how someone who feels worthy acts. I’ve never defined it. One of the questions that I often ask my coaching clients is, “How will you know you’ve achieve X goal?” and yet here I am, seeking this goal of ‘feeling and being worthy’ without an answer to that question. Without knowing how I’ll know when I achieve it, I’m stuck in an eternal seeking cycle without an endpoint.

Well that just won’t do.

So after much consideration, back and forth questioning, and intuitive reasoning, here’s my best shot at defining worthiness for myself. You know how it’s super easy to talk about everything that’s wrong with you and everything you’ve done wrong and why you’re a crappy person? I mean, human beings as a whole completely and totally own what’s ‘wrong’ with them. Ask someone what they want to improve about themselves and get a bullet point list of what they don’t want. ‘I don’t want to be fat anymore’ or ‘I wish I wasn’t so horrible with money’…whatever it is we have immediate and easy access to that knowledge.

What if, I wonder, feeling worthy is simply owning all the great, amazing, powerful, badass things about us just as much as we own the things we judge about us? For me, I have the following list of badassery:

  • I am an amazing coach

  • I am incredibly skilled at relationships

  • I am an awesome husband and father

  • I am a powerful intuitive

  • I am a great healer

When I sit in the space of feeling these things, the sense of power, purpose, and hope is almost indescribably strong. From this place, I know that I can easily give and accept love, that I can make money with my skills and talents, that it is appropriate to speak my truth, and that I can easily help people through both coaching and energy medicine. There is absolutely no doubt. Maybe, just maybe, that’s what being and feeling worthy is. And if that’s the case, then worthiness becomes a choice, one I’m going to start making every single day.

I want to hear from you, though! This insight has inspired me to study worthiness a little bit deeper and hear as many opinions as I can about it. Between now and the end of February, I’m looking for people who’d be willing to answer questions on their experiences with feeling worthy. Each person who fills out the questionnaire will be entered into a raffle to receive one of ten free 60-minute coaching calls in March, 2019.

If you’re interested in sharing your thoughts, please click here. Thank you and I hope your year is off to an amazing start!!